Monday, November 1, 2010

Hello, November

Wow. November is already here!

It was RH's birthday on the 22nd of October. And because he's such a dear, he said he wanted to go to the San Diego Zoo (which is what I wanted to do for my birthday but we couldn't afford it).

I did quite a bit of sketching. Not enough photo-taking, I think. Last time we went to the zoo, I took about 800 pictures of the polar bear playing with some tree branches.

So many of the animals were fighting. The rhinos were fighting, the sun bears were fighting, and someone said that the polar bears were at it too. We didn't see the polar bears fighting, thank goodness. I love polar bears and probably would have been very upset to see them bloodied up.

Below are some sketches from my handy-dandy sketchbook. I'm not very good at cats but I certainly did try.

 Anyhoo... happy November, all! I read somewhere that November is Blog Month or something and some people are trying to write a blog a day for the entire month of November. Guess who's going to try and keep up with that challenge?


  1. :)

    love the otter!!!!
    i miss the zoo - you have one of the best in the country right there - jealous :)

  2. That's totally where I saw it. Joined up an everything. :D

    Otters are one of my favorite animals. They remind me of puppies!