Tuesday, November 16, 2010

A Peak Into My Travel Kit

I've taken to bringing some of my jewelry making stuff with me to work (have I mentioned that before?) so I can make pretty things at lunch time while scarfing down some soup. Even if I don't feel like making anything, I still bring it just in case.

The box shown is roughly the size of my 15" laptop. Its got enough room for my pliers, wire, seed beads, honey pots, and other beads and things I've put in baggies so I can stuff as many things in the compartments as possible. I like having a ton of stuff to play with and hold. Even if I don't use them for the piece I'm working on, sometimes holding the beads will remind me I have another bead that would be perfect for the current piece... its a beautiful thing.

The flowers you see there are made of RESIN. Can you believe it? I couldn't when I saw them so I had to snatch them up. I've only used them maybe once in a piece but I like having them and have tons of sketches for future pieces using them. I'm just completely obsessed with wire wrapping wire frames right now that I can't be bothered to flip through my sketchbook. Haha.

In the middle row, in the compartment on the far right, there's a little statue of Ganesha I keep in there. He makes me smile and reminds me that the obstacles placed before me can be overcome.  Do you have a travel kit you take with you places? What are some essentials you absolutely need to have with you?

PS. We're more than half-way through the month of November! I can't believe I've actually been posting everyday! I think I should buy myself a treat... some kind of chocolate something or other maybe. :P

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  1. I have a travel kit. It has brushes which hide in their handles to save space, a set of watercolor brushes, a sketchbook from Nepal, a handmade watercolor sketchbook, pencils, erasers & a tiny fake leatherman tool. It's all encompassed by a small, black backpack. Im using it right now. I like to be able to take my stuff with me anywhere. My little backpack fits in my big backpack; an idea I got from Batman Begins. His motorcycle ejects from his car when his car becomes too big for the chase.