Monday, June 14, 2010

A rose by any other name...

I'm terrible at naming pieces. These earrings (if I ever get off my butt and upload it to the shop) would probably be named "Earrings with long pink bead and gold caps and purple seed bead loop."

How do you go about naming things? My boyfriend says they remind him of fireflies. I suppose it could be "Pink Firefly Earrings." But they don't make ME think of fireflies. They kinda remind me of the Mid-East. It might be the gold filigree caps. I'm just not sure.

Meh. I'm sure it will come to me soon... I hope.

Ahtee's Links- What I'm Reading

A Bead A Day- Lisa is hosting a book giveaway... with her lovely book "A Bead in Time" as the awesome prize!

ammjewelry- Millie tries her hand at stamping and etching copper blanks!... with FANTASTIC results, I might add.

April Is Forever Jewellery- Got only one bead left? Use it to make a BEAUTIFUL ring like Sarah did!

ARTISAN BEADS PLUS by MaryAnn Carroll- I absolutely love the red buttons at the bottom of the third picture.

Beads, beads, beads...- Such a pretty red!

Desert Rubble- Lynn tells the tale of a street fair that was "dead" but still oh so much fun!

Designs by Dawn Marie- Dawn takes a shell necklace and makes a beautiful set of jewelry for her Aunt!

ErtheFae's Meandering Thoughts- I have to agree... that crescent moon with flowers on it is pretty perfect.

Five Forty at Home- Summer is the time for play but I'm glad Pegg is still creating! I love the first pair of earrings here :D

Gaea's Ceramic Bead and Art Studio Blog- Spring cleaning, a music festival and she still had time to make some beautiful frames!

Gardanne Glass Lampwork Beads and Artisan Jewelry- LOOK! She has new jewelry up! And they're so pretty!

Julsbeads- I'm excited to see if she takes this broken bead and turns it into another beautiful pendant like in this previous post.

JustATish Designs- I love seeing the evolution of Tish's style.

Kab's Creative Concepts- Kerry switches gears and makes a colorful and pretty picnic blanket.

La Bella Joya- This ring is so pretty! And I love that bracelet. I'm a sucker for pretty seed beads.

LODY'S BEADWORKS- Beaded bead earrings? CRAVE! LOOOVE!

Lorelei's Blog- Lorelei introduces a new collection featuring her own handmade components. I, for one, am rather inspired.

Mary Newton Designs- I love taking a peak into artist's studios. Mary has a new workspace!!! :D

Summers Studio- Leann took an entire day and cleaned up her studio. *I* should do that!

The Cerebral Dilettante- I like the first comment that says "Like vanilla ice cream with caramel sauce..." PERFECT description.

To Bead Or not To Bead What A Question- The gold and red make a fantastic color combo for this fun loopy necklace.

Thank you, Sarah!

Miss Sarah from April is Forever Jewellery has given me the Kreativ Blogger award! How sweet is that? It's my first award and I feel all giddy inside :) Be sure to check out Sarah's blog here.

Here are the rules for the award:
1. Post the award on my blog
2. Thank the person who gave me the award
3. Link the person who gave me this award
4. Share 7 things that you probably don't know about me
5. Choose 7 great bloggers to give the award to
6. Share a link to their blogs
7. Leave a comment on their blog

7 Things About Me:
1) My first full name is Rosemarie. And I get rather irked if a person calls me RoseMARY. Sure, the two are rather close, but they aren't the same. Alternatively, I remember people who say my name right the first time.
2) I am Filipino. The name "Ahtee" is a spin on "Ate" (pronounced Ah-teh). My baby sister would call me Ahtee instead of Ahteh and the cousins thought it was a cute way of pronouncing the word. My sister called me this in school too... to the point where some of her friends called me Ahtee as well.
3) My favorite foods are spaghetti and hot wings, but not at the same time.
4) I have very thin hair. I don't bother getting it cut professionally. Most of the time, I just get my mom to cut it to my shoulders. The last time I needed my hair cut, though, I did it myself. It came out pretty good. I learned I really could cut a straight line.
5) Sometimes, I mix red Fanta and Coke to make a cheap cherry coke (though I think red Fanta is strawberry) when I'm craving it and the restaurant doesn't have it.
6) I am only 5 feet tall.
7) I love snails. They're cute. I learned last night, however, that I do not think slugs are cute.

7 Bloggers I give this award to are:
1) Jessica @ To Bead Or Not To Bead What A Question
2) Millie @ ammjewelry
3) Jana @ Be~Jeweled by jana
4) Pegg @ Five Forty At Home
5) Erin @ Every Heart Crafts
6) Ashley @ Ashley Akers Jewelry
7) Davinia @ Deez News

Monday, June 7, 2010

Ahtee's Links- What I'm Reading

So many new beads from my fave artists! Must get to listing my pieces so I can make some extra cash so I can buy some BEADS! I'm such a lazy bum. Lol.

Happy Monday, all!

A Bead A Day- It's craft night at Lisa's house. What a wonderful idea!

ammjewelry- Millie knows how to celebrate! Happy Anniversary!!!

Artisan Clay- Fun and summery definitely describes these beautiful necklaces and earrings.

Be~Jeweled by jana- This bracelet would be perfect to wear to that Fourth of July barbecue!

Deez News- That dark chain makes the colors on the first piece just POP!

Designs by Dawn Marie- Such a fun anklet! Perfect for summer!

Dora Schubert- Dora made SO MANY BEADS! O_O

Dragonfly Lampworks- Such a cute dragonfly! And the strawberry red beads make me think of caaaaandy. :D

Every Heart Crafts- YAY! A shop update!

JustATish Designs- I love copper probably just a tiny bit more than I love buttons... and Tish is on a copper kick! I absolutely LOVE it!

Kelley's Bead Studio- I love these eggs. I want those orange ones very badly O_O

Lorelei's Blog- Lorelei's picking a winner TOMORROW! Get those comments in for a chance to win some BEAUTIFUL ceramic beads!

Mary Newton Designs- Mary makes a pair of earrings for a deserving lady. Someone's having a GIVEAWAY!!!

Painting with Fire Artwear- A new kit from Barbara Lewis features hand-dyed rayon fibers and cute "gumball" beads.

Sue Beads- Sue shows off some work a customer made using her beads! Lovely.

Summers Studio- OMG. NEW PIECES!!! Preeeetty.

Sundown Bead Designs Rhetoric- I love the idea of dipping head pins in paint for a dash of color.

The Cerebral Dilettante- This necklace tickled my brain... I must make a leather necklace. I MUST!

The Rabbit Muse- Ants in the pants results in beautiful bracelets.

To Bead Or Not To Bead What A Question- I think the color combo works very well! Not strange at all :D

Vintajia Adornments- What a clever way to photograph your pieces!

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Patchwork Indie Arts and Crafts Festival

Today, my boyfriend and I went to the Patchwork Indie Arts and Crafts Festival in Santa Ana. It was warm. I wore a hat for the first time in YEARS. And I bought lots of lovely things!

Of course my first purchase had something to do with buttons. And such cute earrings these are! I never thought of just turning my buttons into studs! Nina Brito of Tacos 'n' Eggrolls Jewelry was very nice. I'm rather shy but I like it when the sellers are friendly (there were some sellers who didn't even say hi when we walked into their empty booths...). I walked away with two pairs of vintage button studs. LOVE.

The next booth I checked out was from Shari of Bonnin Designs (visit her shop here.) I actually heard about this festival on her blog. And like a nerd (remember how I said I'm shy?), I walked into her booth and said "Do you have a blog on blogger? I totally follow you..." GEEK! CREEPY! "I follow you"??? Jeez. Lol. ANYWAY, I bought these super cute hair pins that she made with glass beads and wire. They usually run $10 a pair, but for today, Shari had them for $8. Lucky me! :D

It honestly seemed like my poor boyfriend was totally bored. He was wonderful and pointed out things to me that I should be doing or things he thought I would like but I didn't think he was finding anything HE liked. Then we walked by the Two Hand Design table. These little handmade beauties are created from the artist's own illustrations, vintage clip-art, or rubber stamps. She uses a letterpress to hand print these gems, which my boyfriend just loves! He's been dying to get a tabletop letterpress but we can't afford it right now (I wish I could get it for him for our anniversary...). ANYHOO, we bought a pack of thank you tags. And they are adorable!

Our last stop was to visit Yolanda's Clay and Jewelry Creations. Such pretties! All hand made by Yolanda. All so cute! My boyfriend bought me the owl pendant and I have to make something for myself with it and I bought a little pack of beads which had 2 shank buttons. *SQUEAL!* I love that color. I'm seeing a pretty bracelet rising from that pile of beads...

It was so much fun seeing all the local artists. It made me want to go home and just MAKE SOMETHING!

So I made these :D

Seed beads, brass chain flower link, brass dragonfly, and Czech fire polished beads. I might change the wire to a stud. They're rather long... Do you like long earrings? My neck is kinda short so I don't but I can imagine some of my friends wearing long earrings and they just look stunning in them!

So that was my day today. And it was fun. On a side note, I started another blog about how I struggle with bringing myself to create things... it's called Reclaiming Rose because I want to take back my life... get back on track. We'll see how that goes. Lol.

Bloggy links tomorrow! Hope everyone had a great weekend!