About Me

My name is Rose Binoya and I am the lady behind Ahtee's Designs.

Who is Ahtee?
"Ate" (pronounced "ah-teh") means "big sister" in Tagalog and my little sister always pronounced it "Ahtee" when she called me. I like being everyone's big sister. My eyes are ever shaded with rose colored glasses and I try to share that view with you. I know life isn't all about rainbows and puppies, but hang out with me for a little while and I'm sure we can find something to laugh about.

What is Ahtee's Designs?
I like making pretty things. I attended the Laguna College of Art and Design for three years. I was like a sponge and tried to absorb as much art instruction as I possibly could while I was there. Ahtee's Designs is where I sell my handmade goodies. Mostly jewelry but I'm hoping to expand soon.

Something special is infused in handmade goodies- not just mine but any beautiful handmade piece of work. That something special is love. And a sense of connection. When you purchase a handmade piece of work, you are directly supporting an artist and their dream. There's something quite beautiful about that. One day, I hope to own a shop stocked with handmade goodies from all over the country, helping young artists get their work out there. Until then, being a young artist myself, my hope is to share some of my love with you.