Sunday, November 21, 2010

Pretty Pendant

Hm.. I'm the only one left in Corner Bakery other than staff... this... feels... um... odd...

I finished making this pendant last night. The wrapped frame (brass wire and pearly white seed beads) had been sitting in my tool kit for about a week and I couldn't decide how to finish it. Then as I was going through my stash of beads, I found this lonely flower. Stick it on a head pin with a brass spacer and VOILA! A pretty pendant.

No clue how I will string it. Any ideas?

I have a terrible headache. I think it has something to do with this tiny cut I discovered in my left ear... right at the opening of the hole... canal? Hole? Meh. Whichever. ANYWAY. Gross. I know. But it's the center of my world right now. I took Ibuprofen and it just blah... didn't work. SIGH.

Maybe tomorrow's post will be about butterflies and puppies? :P Hope you guys had a fantastic weekend and that Monday treats you well! :)

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