Sunday, November 14, 2010

Birds of a Feather

Miss Shannon's latest post has me thinking of peacocks. I love peacock blue. I have a dress in that color (sadly, it's fading but I still love it!). Last night, I was wrapping wire and beads and couldn't think of a way to finish the design so I went to bed. The idea to get my hands on some peacock feathers came to me not 10 minutes after turning off the lights (poor RH was awoken by my sudden burst of inspiration and thought something was wrong... hahaha).

My problem... the place I buy my supplies from does have peacock feathers but only eyeless ones. They're still beautiful but not what I was thinking of. I'm not sure if I should buy them or order some feathers with eyes.

Hmmm... what a wonderful problem for a beautiful Sunday. Hope everyone is having a fantastic weekend!

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