Friday, July 30, 2010

Ahtee's Links- What I'm Reading

A Bead A Day- Buttons? Ohhh yeah. This is my kinda "bead" :P

ammjewelry- To take her mind off things, Millie makes some bling for her healing foot

Backyard Beads- Doreen found the CUTEST pea pod!

Beautifully Broken Me- Molly's earrings make me want to start experimenting with wire!

Be~Jeweled by jana- I can see this pretty blue necklace worn with a white summer dress.

Cindy's Art and Soul- I have to agree, copper is quite delicious.

Erin Siegel Jewelry- I am loving this leather and stone series.

Gardanne Glass Lampwork Beads and Artisan Jewelry- LOVE peaking into studios!

Kelly's Bead Studio- A productive day ends with peaking into her own studio.

Lorelei's Blog- Buttons... buttons... buttons... buttons... buttons... BUTTONS!!!

maryhardingjewelry bead blog- I think those little connectors are just adorable!

Put a little magic in your life- Is this ring a flower or a weapon? O_O

The Rabbit Muse- LOOK! Peacocks! I love peacocks :D

PS. Links posts will now be on Fridays because it seems I will have most Fridays off! Yay? I think its a Yay!

Monday, July 26, 2010

Late Night Posting

I'm still having difficulty finding time to blog/bead. Work is draining... and then on my days off, I want to be running around (well, I don't actually RUN) town with my boyfriend and relaxing as well. Meh. Enough complaining! I know I'll find a good routine soon. For now, here are my latest pieces. Bad pics, but pics and a post nonetheless :)

Both feature the shell beads from a previous post. And the bracelet has the dragonfly toggle I was talking about as well. I'm a happy camper :)

Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend!

Monday, July 19, 2010

Ahtee's Links- What I'm Reading

A Bead A Day- Such a cute freebee! The color is so pretty!

ammjewelry- Look at all the goodies Millie got! And really, isn't that just the cutest cat?

ARTISAN BEADS PLUS by MaryAnn Carroll- It has been too long since I bought beads... Looking at these pics is kinda like a sweet torture :P

Backyard Beads- Celebrating the summer months with beautiful charms!

Be~Jeweled by jana- Something a little different from Jana. I am loving the wood.

Chameleon Designs- Busy bee is she! New blog... Loving the goodies I see :D

Dawno's Beaded Badge Lanyards and Jewelry- I've missed her blog posts! But she's been busy busy BUSY!

Erin Siegel Jewelry- Erin gets a visit from her friend and they bead together! Two very lovely necklaces, I might add.

Humblebeads Blog- Earrings inspired by FIREWORKS!!!

JustATish Designs- Tish shares some wonderful tips from one of her favorite sites.

Lorelei's Blog- Aren't these little birdies just DARLING!?

Mary Newton Designs- Mary plays with resin with FANTASTIC results!

maryhardingjewelry bead blog- LOVE that first pendant. Look at those gorgeous colors!

Put a little magic in your life- Loving the first pair of earrings there. The color of that amazonite is just beautiful!

Reinvented Objects- Denise collaborates with her son to make two stunning pendants!

Summers Studio- Showing off the good, the bad, and the down right ugly.

The Peacock Fairy- Two bracelets featuring Michael's new Industrial Chic products.

To Bead Or Not To Bead What A Question- Jessica makes a simply beautiful blue necklace.

Sunday, July 18, 2010


I'm blogging on my lunch! WOOT! LOOK OUT! Come back in the making!

Anyway, I was finally able to but some new pretties. It did wonders for my spirit just looking at all the new things they have out at the stores. I got the shell beads and dragonfly toggle/charms you see at the top. I am in love with the color of the shell beads and the cuteness of the dragonflies. You know, I saw my first real dragonfly the other day... I mean, I probably saw them when I was a kid but this was the first time I saw one and was like "Oh hey! A DRAGONFLY!" And squealed. Seriously. Squealed. Ask my boyfriend :P

Keep your fingers crossed for links tomorrow and a post soon about what I did with these pretties I found at JoAnns!

Hope everyone had a good weekend!

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Captain, my captain

So today didn't go as I planned.
I have caught my boyfriend's cold and have been resting all day.
I was supposed to do laundry, post to Etsy, bead, and blog.
Here's a blog, anyway :P

When I'm sick or down, I watch my favorite YouTube videos.
Here's one of them.

Yes. I like Star Trek.

Sunday, July 4, 2010

The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

Holy wow. Was my last post really on June 14th? So much has happened and I have been very very busy.

The Good
  • Hit 3000 pageviews! YAY! *dances* I have to have a giveaway soon!
  • Celebrated my 2nd anniversary with my boyfriend on June 21st.
  • Got a job!

I'm so happy I've reached 3000 pageviews. It means people are actually looking at my page! I don't post much on etsy and want to change that but I'm glad that I'm getting pageviews on the blog. :)

My boyfriend and I celebrated our anniversary on the 21st of June. And what better way to celebrate (and start off the summer right) than with a barbecue?

Rod grilled the steaks. I made the potatoes and corn. It was delightful.

On top of all this, I got a job! I was laid off a few months ago from Borders (so was my boyfriend... it was so very sad), but was told a position would be available for me at a smaller store. I jumped on it. I started this past Monday and am so happy to be working again.

The Bad
  • I'm not sure when I'll be making regular posts again. Or even finding the time to make jewelry.
I'm working full time again and it's taking some getting used to. I worked five days straight last week which isn't a big deal but I was exhausted yesterday (my first day off) and just wanted to do nothing. Today (Happy 4th of July, everyone!!!), we went to the 4th of July street fair by the lake and looking at all the handmade jewelry made me kinda wish I hadn't taken the job so I could be making more jewelry... but that leads me to the ugly...

  • I'm out of money.
It's interesting, really. I have a job. I was receiving steady unemployment checks while I was looking for a job but apparently the week before I accepted the job at Borders, I hadn't received my last unemployment check. They said I filled the form out wrong and though I've tried calling them and they say that all I can do is wait for them to call me back since they're busy, I know I won't be getting that check that I was supposed to get three weeks ago. I won't be getting paid from Borders until the 16th and it won't even be a full paycheck since the first week of work is set aside in the event of your lay-off or something like that. I don't fully understand it.

I'm down to $16. My speeding ticket is due on the 13th. And I'm running out of food and gas is so expensive. My boyfriend is helping me out some but I'm still completely freaking out. I'm not sure what I'm going to do, but I have to do something.

I'm trying not to let all the bad get me down. It's hard but I'm hoping I'll find a solution soon. I wish the ticket would just go away. But it won't. I'm told I can go talk to the judge but I'm not sure when I will have time with my new work schedule. SIGH. My goal for this week? Do another blog post before Saturday. And post to etsy!

Have a good week everyone! I'm hoping to get a regular blogging schedule down before the end of July. I miss my links posts very much :(

OH YEAH! And Happy 4th of July!!! Everyone be safe!