Wednesday, November 3, 2010

First Ear Wires

This wire wrapping thing was easier with smaller seed beads! Who woulda thunk? It was such a bear wrapping the beads around the pendant I made in this post. But the wraps on these earrings are nice and tight.

I love seed beads; they're like little gems and I'm loving wrapping them around wire shapes. For the earrings, I used some glass crackle beads I have in my stash. I also made my own ear wires! A first for me!

They're rather thin but the holes in my ears aren't very big so not a big deal. They hold up nicely even for 24 gauge wire. I suppose I should hammer them to harden but haven't done that yet. I added a piece of purple crystal for extra sparkle.

Rather late with this blog post but am still making the blog-a-day challenge for November. Tish led me to the site NaBloPoMo which stands for "National Blog Post Month." I joined up. Haven't had a chance to explore it yet (I'm on vacation :D) but it looks like a really cool community for bloggers!

It's been super hot here in SoCal. Today, the high was 99 degrees! Sigh. Hoping it will cool down soon. How's the weather been for you?


  1. I saw the picture in my blog feed and squealed!! you did such a great job!!! These are lovely.

    you will want to hammer them just ever so slightly, they will mis shape over time. i am lazy - if i make them for me to wear, i dont' hammer them, i can re shape them - but if it is a pair i am going to sell, then i hammer the earwires.

    what are you doing on vacation?!!?!?

  2. Those are very pretty! You did a good job on the earwires!

    I'm jealous of your 99 degree weather...even though it is pretty nice here for fall.

    Looking forward to your daily posts!

  3. @Tish- Vacation will mostly be me sitting around with my wire and beads. Tomorrow we're going to the museum! Very exciting. *note to self: hammer earwires...* :P

    @Jana- Thank you! So glad you like them :D Maybe we can trade weather. I was melting today! O_O