Saturday, November 27, 2010

A Newfound Love

Usually when I'm creating (jewelry, sketches, etc.), I have a movie playing in the background. Because my disc drive on my computer has finally decided to crap out on me, it's been music lately. I have trouble finding something to listen to because sometimes I get distracted by a good song and want to dance or sing or sometimes (and this happens on Pandora), I skip songs until I find something I like and then when that song's over I might skip again if the next is a dud. Blah. These moments of singing and skipping add up and bug me! I love music as much as the next person, but jeez. What is my problem? :P

At work, most everyone has read the Dresden Files series by Jim Butcher. There's something like 12 books out right now by him and I have been wanting to read them but have other books I'm reading as well. I feel left out when people start talking about this awesome series. So, one of my friends offered to let me put copies of his audio books on my iPod.

I'm not big on the audio book... or rather, I wasn't. I thought they'd be distracting. That I wouldn't be able to actually pay attention to the story or I wouldn't be able to pay attention to my work. So, after a few weeks of saying no, I finally went up to him the other day and gave in.

I got home from Thanksgiving around midnight. I wasn't sleepy so I thought I'd play around with my beads and maybe give the audio book a try. Before I knew it, it was 4am! O_O Can you believe it!? The only other thing that lets me work that long is the Lord of the Rings special feature discs and after three or four hours, I have to change the disc! Wow. I think this thing might really work out.

I'd like to get Harry Potter on audio. I think that would be fun to listen to. Anybody have any suggestions on what audio books would just rock my world?

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  1. Get all of the harry potters - they are worth it just to hear jim dale read - he is amazing. i have most of the dresden files on audio books as well - awesome!!!! if you like harry potter, you may like peter and the shadow thieves by dave barry, read by jim dale - there are three in that series. i am all about listening to audio books when i work. too much fun!