Friday, November 5, 2010

Messy First Step

 Here's a peak into my bead stash. I pull this out every time I make jewelry.

I know. It's rather horrid. I had a freakout a few days ago because I KNEW I had copper crimp beads and couldn't find them in this mess (really, who could?). I sat on the floor crying, about ready to throw out all my beads and just start over when RH calmly pulled out the bags and said we just need to sort through the mess. Well, of course, there were no crimp beads. But, I decided it was time for a new system.

We went to the Container Store and found these awesome little boxes with tiny compartments. LOVE! We bought two of them and I've taken the first step toward a new bead storing system. I couldn't think of a way to organize and RH asked how my favorite bead store organizes their merchandise. They just do it by color! So, that's what I'm doing. Baby steps. I'll get there.

I like labeling my little beads too. Most beads are glass... this one is stone but I can't remember what kind! Brain fart...

Oh, and if you're curious as to what happened to the elephant charm from yesterday's post...

I made a pendant last night with some brass wire (brass wire is WAY stiffer than copper wire, btw). Used some wonderful new seed beads. I LOVE seed beads. Now... how should I string him???


  1. Love your pendant! Just wait - organizing the beads can be addicting too. I love buying all the little containers, bead holders, etc. altho my stuff is still a mess ;)

  2. That's really cute! My beads are a complete mess, too. I organized awhile back but I keep buying more stuff which gets piled on top of the other stuff and I still can't find anything! I'm constantly searching for something I know I have, only to find it later when I'm looking for something else!

  3. @Copper Diem- Oh I'm already addicted to the Container Store! I know what you mean about mess. I got stuff organized only to pull out more stuff to make new pieces which resulted in another mess! Its a wonderful cycle I think :P

    @Jana- Hahaha! I suppose its ok your stuff is messy because it means you're using what you had stored away! At least, that's what I'm telling myself when I look at my mess. Lol.