Friday, November 12, 2010

Honey Pots

I read somewhere that some people call the plates or bowls they put beads they're working with "honey pots." I think it's a fitting name. My honey pots (which I normally use for seed beads) are from Sur Le Table. They're not terribly big... I often tell people I like things that fit in my pocket and this little baking thingy certainly does. It's wonderful for seed beads because its easy to pour out (though sometimes, I still use a funnel if it's super full).

I'm not sure what they'd be normally used for seeing as they're so small. Maybe individual creme brulees? Still a bit small but possibly.

They're not cheap... $2 for one. I don't normally like to spend a ton of money on things like this but I have 6 of them and use every single one. I think it's money well spent... for me anyway.

What do you use for honey pots?


  1. Here are mine!

    I LOVE teeney bowls

  2. They're ADORABLE! Thank you for sharing!