Tuesday, November 9, 2010

7AM Blogging

I have a cold. I'm desperately trying to deny that this is true but at the moment, I am going to accept that the sniffly sniffles, sneezels, ouchy throat, runny-downness, and the fact that I just cant seem to get warm means that I am sick. ALSO, my forehead itches something fierce, but I think that's because wisps of hair are tickling my dome *scratchScratchSCRATCH*

I made earrings! Haven't named them. I have my trusty Hindi dictionary so I can name them later for who/where they're going to. Almost all handmade. I'm rather proud. The ear wires and jump rings were not made by me. Had a deadline for myself so I went with ready-made ear wires. The connector, though, is mine. I have such a great love for my wig-jig.

My brain is fuzzy. I'm so glad I got up to do this post. I don't think I'd be able to do it later. Rest, yummy warm food (maybe soup?), and a trip to the post office are at the top of my list of things to do today. Its also date night... rest is very important so I can actually have a fun date night :P

PS. I'm not sick. It's just allergies... right?


  1. Yes, it is just allergies, get some zyrtech and you will be fine - Promise!!

    I love these and I love this theme you are working with. Beautiful!

  2. I found some benedryl on a bookshelf at home... this will knock me out AND take care of the sneezels... I'm hoping :P

    I'm so glad you like this theme! I wasn't sure about it and thought maybe I was the only one who would. Hahaha! Thanks, Tish! :)