Thursday, December 31, 2009


This week, at my store, I put together the huge theme table that is supposed to be giving people exactly what they're looking for this time of year. Over Christmas, it was half humor and half FOOD books. And it was a hit. Now? ALL DIET BOOKS.

I know that with the new year coming, more and more people decide that now is the time to start a new diet. And I have to admit that I am falling prey to the "Man, I need to lose weight" train of thought. I could stand to lose a few pounds. Maybe more than a few pounds. It would not only help my health but probably my wallet as "big girl" clothes are WAY more expensive than "tiny girl" clothes. Which, personally, I think sucks but eh.

I've always been fuller than most girls. I've never been "thin." But I haven't always thought of myself as "fat." And it doesn't help that my parents call me fat, too (cultural thing, I'm told... to call people fat and call them out on their flaws like if they forgot to tweeze or don't have the money or time to wax their upper lip). Or that I live in the land of the beautiful: OC, CA.

Overall, I'm happy with my life. I have a wonderful boyfriend. I get to create things in my free time. I have loving siblings and a nephew who is just a bag of giggles. And I have a job...

But... I do compare myself too often to other girls and wish I weren't so big. Maybe when Monday rolls around (they say not to start a diet/exercise routine at the end of a week- new years is on Friday), maybe I'll try to think more positively about myself and about life. Oh, I'll try to be a bit healthier as well and maybe start a work-out routine, but I think more importantly, I should change the way I think... and my attitude about things.

Hmm... I have tiny hands. Take that, tiny girls.


  1. We're starting the diet today too-- three us us here at home. I don't like diets, but I'm actually kind of looking forward to it. I'm sick of my clothes being tight and huffing and puffing up the stairs. I could probably stand to lose a ton, but I know that even if I lose ten or fifteen, I'll feel a world better. Finding time to exercise is the tough thing for me. I work ten hour shifts so it's dark by the time I get home at 6:30 and I'm pretty unmotivated to get up earlier than I already do. I've managed to do it in the past though, at least for a while.

    Good luck on your new fitness endeavor, and wish us luck on ours.

  2. I wish you lots of luck, Kuya Vince!!! I'm starting Monday. My biggest problem will be the food. I think I can manage to get at least 30 minutes of exercise into my day but I find I'm lazy when it comes to cooking.

    I mean, its not my kitchen. The kids eat the food I bring home... And I'm so tired at the end of the day and McDonalds is right by the house... sigh. Boundaries in the fridge and kitchen need to be set in my house and I need the strength to stay away from the drive-thru. Ha!

  3. I'm right there with you, starting tomorrow. In the mean time, I'm eating everything high calorie in the house just to get ready for the next 10 week/10lb loss extravaganza! :) Happy New Year!