Saturday, December 12, 2009

Jenny's Earrings

I think its appropriate that the first post for this blog be of earrings I was asked to make. Well... maybe not really asked but told "I would like some earrings... my favorite color is teal."

I started beading maybe a month and a half ago. So when my cousin's daughter said she'd like some earrings, I just about burst with excitement and ran out and bought "teal" beads the first chance I got. Well... when I got home, I thought, "Hm. What exactly is teal? Are these really teal?"

Sitting there, looking at these beads... I couldn't really tell. The big ones were probably teal... the little ones, I bought really because they were kinda blue but I was drawn to what they were called ("Miracle Bead"). So I was faced with the horrifying thought that maybe Jenny won't like what I made her! How crushing would it be if the first earrings I was asked to make weren't what they wanted.

Wikipedia to the rescue. After Wiki-ing "teal," this is what popped up, "Teal is a medium blue-green color, although it is more blue than green. It is named after the common teal, a member of the duck family, whose eyes are surrounded by the color." There's the teal ducky... huh. Is that teal? *I* personally think that's green.

Btw. I'm very glad that Wikipedia decided that they should add a swatch of what people think the color looks like. That color is less green than the teal-ducky color. And more blue.

The miracle beads are nothing close to teal, but the big beads match pretty good... sooo YAY!

Here are the completed earrings. I need to get my SLR out and take better pictures, but I think this is ok for now. The earrings on the bottle are the miracle beads. As you can see, the light bounces off of whatever material that is inside and basically glows. Very pretty.

The earrings hanging off the sheet are also made of glass (miracle beads are glass, I believe... did I mention that already?). They're a bit more bold and not as delicate as the little earrings, BUT, they're TEAL! Huzzah.

... PSST... Jenny... if you're reading this... you owe me a bracelet :P

OH yeah. Both pairs are on sterling silver earring wires. I'm not sure if Jenny is allergic to metal. Thought it best to play it safe.

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