Tuesday, December 15, 2009

UPDATE & CORRECTION: Jenny's Earrings

Here are some better pictures of the earrings I made for my cousin's daughter, Jenny.

I posted in my previous blog that "miracle beads" were made from glass. I was wrong. Quoted from jewelrymaking-beads-library.com: "Miracle beads, also known as Magic Beads, are super-intriguing because they seem to glow in natural light. They also have the optical illusion of having a bead within a bead. Hence the name for these beads.

These magic beads are a form of plastic beads. They are normally very bright and made from some form of fiberglass material. The bead is sprayed repeatedly with a reflective material and finished with an outer clear coating. It is these layers that create the tantalizing illusion of a bead within a bead. It is also what makes the beads seem to glow in natural light." In the picture I posted, you can definitely see the "glow" in the flash picture on the right.

I also took better pictures of the teal earrings I made. I'm noticing that I enjoy hanging beads on jump rings. I've done this a few times before on other earrings I've made for myself and friends. I'm not sure I like that I'm repeating stuff a lot. But someone said that maybe it could be like "my thing." *shrug* meh. I think I want a different "my thing."

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