Saturday, December 26, 2009

Post Christmas Update

What a crazy WEEK!!! I haven't felt a tired like this in my whole life... I'm so glad the "holiday season" has ended (at least, that's what they're saying at work). Ok. Time for the update...

I made presents! Not everyone got presents... I made some bracelets and earrings for friends and family. I also taught myself how to crimp and use a wire guard! Ok, so maybe making bracelets was an excuse to test this out... but hey, look how pretty all the things I made came out! I didn't take pictures of everything. I had to give some presents early because I knew some people wouldn't be around on Christmas eve... I'll have to remake the earrings I didn't get to take pictures of :P

And on Christmas, I got a wonderful jewelry box from my boyfriend! And inside were these BEAUTIFUL red beads! My favorite color is red (along with purple...) and there were some glass beads and pretty red coral beads. He asked me what I wanted a while back and when I said beads, he asked, "Will you make something for yourself?" I want him to know that yes, I will make something for myself :)

I was sick most of the day yesterday. I had a fever and just wanted to lie around and do nothing. But I had a wonderful day with my fun and loving family and spent the evening with my wonderful boyfriend. What a happy Christmas it turned out to be.

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