Saturday, December 26, 2009

Christmas Sale!

I almost NEVER get to go to post holiday sales. But my bead store, the Bead Station in Lake Forest, was having an EPIC "50% off of EVERYTHING in the store" sale for the day after Christmas. It started at 6am and ended at 6pm, but I worked today at 7am to 4pm! I knew most of the things I wanted would be gone but I went anyway.

I really wanted these pretty dragonfly pendants I saw on my last trip to the bead store on Dec 23 to pick up an anvil (yes, an ANVIL... random, but I knew he'd like it) for my secret Santa... and the bowl of these pretty things was OVERFLOWING when I was there and thought for sure they'd still be there. Well, as soon as I got of work and sped on over to the Bead Station, there were only TWO left!!! I snatched those up before the lady looking at the shells could take them!

I bought some seed beads (I love working seed beads into my designs for little pops of complimentary colors or as spacers) and some little treasures. And yes, I picked up an anvil for myself. I'm going to try my hand at making my own ear wires soon. I was going to pick up a ring mandrel but I think I want one that shows the size of the ring on it which I believe they were out of.

I spent $35 today. The money was Christmas money my cousins gave me. I guess I'm still young enough to get Christmas money... yay for that! Thank you Ate Joy and Ate Carol! Soooooo happy... :)

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