Monday, December 28, 2009

Red and Silver

After work yesterday (Sunday), I decided that instead of a nap, I would try to do something with the beads my boyfriend bought me for Christmas. Such pretty reds. But it really wasn't enough to make a full set but I had some dark red beads I bought a while back when I planned on making my own prayer beads when I was reading up on Buddhism. The dark red looks black in low light but has a deep and rich color in good lighting.

I'm not sure what the beads are exactly. I know I purchased them from the Tall Mouse and they were marked down (see the blue on the tag?). The tag says "Garnet Red Bds." But does that mean they're garnet stones??? Or just red garnet colored glass beads. The beads themselves are pretty heavy for their size. I want to say they're stones but I just don't know! On the inset picture, you can see they're a bit cracked... which also makes me believe they're just glass... regardless, they're very pretty.

Here's the bracelet and earrings I made from the beads. On the earrings are two coral beads that came with the one's Rod bought for me. And the garnet beads that I had lying around. I also have silver filigree spacer beads and I know, I know that red looks fantastic with gold, but I don't think gold is my color... hence the silver. There were also five smaller coral beads and one is the focal on the bracelet I made. More filigree and garnet beads. The bead caps are also mine. The small red glass beads are from the strand from my Christmas present. They have a light gold finish on them that is BARELY noticeable but I see it... I think it adds some interest to the bracelet.

The necklace I made for myself is pretty, I think. But I don't think I'm very good at designing necklaces. I'm not sure what else to say about the piece except... the next time I get paid, I want to look at better clasps because the box clasp I've been using for the bracelets I've made isn't very comfortable on my neck. It might be the filigree design catching on the little hairs on my neck (yes, I'm a mammal and have hairs on my body :P).

SIDE NOTE: I want to make more jewelry for others but I'm still new and am still testing things out. Vanessa's bracelet broke again. I'm going to try and just buy a thicker gauge wire and make the links myself instead of using sterling eye pins. I don't want to change the design too much but I might have to just put the beads on beading wire which I've had more success with. But I think it looks sooo pretty here!

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  1. You do nice work, Rose! (I may not know much about beads or jewelry, but I know what looks pretty on a girl!). Your Ate Carol really loves the earings you gave her.