Sunday, January 10, 2010

Who is "Ahtee?"- Week 2

I'm not gonna lie. My job leaves me feeling drained and cranky... angry at humanity for treating me and the rest of the managers and booksellers like we aren't people. Like we exist to serve them... and are able to discount the world for them. Perhaps living in southern Orange County (home of the "Real House Wives of Orange County") makes my customers feel more entitled, but ugh. Really? "I want a damage discount on this book because it's the last one on the shelf."

After work, usually, I go home and nap. And nap. Dreaming of beautiful things. And this week's picture is me after my nap (hand carefully placed to block part of my double chin :P).

I almost didn't post a picture. Thinking "Ugh. I just want this day to be over." But. Blogging/journaling makes me feel better. Just like beading... painting... drawing. Reading a good book. Snuggling.

I started keeping a regular journal. I've tried doing it in the past only to just give up after a week or two. This journal I keep is a bit different. I write down all the positive things that have happened to me that day. Today will be no different. Because, no matter how crappy the customers are at work, there are still those customers who make you laugh and feel like you're doing a good job. And there are highlights to my day that have nothing to do with Miss Cranky-Pants Customer... the kind of person who can just ruin your shift.

One thing about today I will share with you: I found a book of puppies. Just a simple bargain book with nothing but Labrador Retriever puppies being weighed. And it made me smile. Because I love puppies.

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  1. first- i like this pic. you look happy. or content. or something. anyways - i like it.

    now retail - *groan*. been there, done that. A LOT. but the truth is, you are going to get all kinds when you work in customer service. seriously - you can be working in a DMV or doctor's office or a LIBRARY and people will shit on you. i hate it.

    now, i am not one to overly sensitive - i am loud, and opinionated and direct. but damn, sometimes enough crap breaks you down. but you have to think of the good stuff too.

    helping find exactly what one wants, seeing a kid's fae light up when they see some amazing book.

    and puppies don't hurt. :) keep your chin up, Rose.