Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Rainbows and Puppies

My world isn't always full of rainbows and puppies. It's raining right now and after a cold and sad night, it isn't cheering me up like rain usually does. So, I thought I would share some puppy sketches that I did a few days ago. Puppies always cheer me up.

I've drawn quite a few different animals in my 22 years of living. I think I can honestly say I struggle the most with dogs and cats. Wolves, I can do. Tigers, lions... those I can eventually get something decent out of my pencil. But domesticated cats and dogs? I just am never happy with my ("realistic") sketches of them.

These at the top were some doodles I was fooling around with when my eyes grew tired of staring at a computer screen. I think the puppies came out ok. They look a little like Blue from "Blue's Clues," but I rather like the one holding the heart in its mouth. I was thinking of Valentine's Day when I drew that.

Here's to hoping we all get through this Wednesday and make it to Thursday, the beginning of the end of the week :D

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