Tuesday, May 15, 2012

5/15 Tuesday

-Last week was a rough week. The boyfriend's car died and I had to drive him around which I was happy to do except he was stressed which made me stressed and for two people living paycheck to paycheck, the amount that was spent on gas set all my bills back this month. Just. From. One. Week. SIGH.

-Been so sleepy lately. But only in the day time. Isn't that great? Up all night and sleeping all day. I'm going to admit to being depressed about my "job." And a dip in sales from my jewelry biz. Yep. I'm depressed.

Lilac Breasted Roller- Ink/markers on bristol board

-I put "job" in quotations because I don't work unless I have students. And I don't have students. Haven't had students since March. I'm rather depressed about that. I've done everything they tell me to do with "marketing" and it's not working. I could go on a huge rant but I won't. You never know who will find my blog :P Did I say I'm depressed?

-I woke up to a parking ticket. I forgot it was street sweeping day today and left my car in the street. So, when I finally managed to get out of bed, shower, and leave the house at 4pm, there was a nice, pale yellow piece of paper on my windshield demanding money from me. Well, get in line buddy :P

-There's a magazine I submit to regularly. I've been in almost every issue. I missed the last deadline (TODAY)... I know it's not a big deal but... well... it kind of is... to me anyway.

Ostrich Egg Shell Beads. WANT
-The only thing keeping me sane is this project I have in mind. It's a great project. I got a lot of work done on it two weeks ago. And I started it back up last night but I can't really say anything about it because I don't want to jinx it. But, it has something to do with jewelry. So that makes me happy.

 -Oh. The boyfriend got a car two days ago. So he's not so stressed out anymore. And he's keeping me together.

-Espresso helps as well.

I found this lovely article on 15 things we need to give up to be happy. It's a great article. I hope I can apply this to my life because posts like these are terribly depressing. I would much rather be doing... oh I dunno... a silk sari ribbon giveaway...

Say... now there's an idea :P Come back tomorrow!


  1. Awww, hang in there - sending a virtual hug :)

  2. Another hug coming your way...be strong!

  3. I know the way things can just add up until you feel like you can never get out from under it on your own. A hundred little things piled on top of you equals this immense crushing weight... you just have to the panic at that weight and remember, that it's all these little things that you can and will eventually find a way to move off of you and the weight will lessen and maybe even go away ;)

    As for doing everything you're 'supposed' to do for marketing, good... now do something more, but think outside the box. You know your market better than anyone else does. Put yourself in the place of your prospective students... and brainstorm on how to catch their attention ;)