Friday, May 25, 2012

My Current Obsession

Not much jewelry making going on over here. Unless you count what I've been doing at Michaels (did I mention the craft store I work for is Michaels?)... which I don't because it's not MY jewelry.

This is the reason for my non-jewelry making:

Yep. Macarons. I'm obsessed. Sorry to my Pinterest and Instagram peeps who have been inundated with macaron pictures and doodles. I'm not eating them (though the only reason is that I can't find a local dealer... I meant French bakery). I have a series of small illustrations in mind.

 My favorite here is the big pen and ink sketch... Tea cup is a thumbnail of an illustration idea. That dark purple cookie was my first color attempt. I think the cookie in the bottom right is adorable.

Marker attempt. It's closer to what I want in an illustration but I was having trouble getting the texture right. See, macaron's have "feet" and they have a bumpy/crunchy texture. But I did these cookies in green... my favorite flavor is pistachio, which is green. YAY!

 Last night's watercolor attempt. The texture is a little better. I'm not happy with the filling. Or the shadow at the bottom but it's way closer to what I want. 

Soo. Yeah. This is what I'm currently obsessed with. Jewelry will come back. I have designs waiting in the sketchbook and new beads that came today so don't worry! Beady love will return soon :)

Have you had macarons yet? What's your favorite flavor?

One last sketch before I go. A gypsy dancer! YAY!

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