Tuesday, January 4, 2011

The Worst Day?

Yesterday was probably the worst day of this cold I can't seem to kick. On Sunday, I called out from work because I felt crappy and spent the whole day pretty much in bed except for a few journeys out into the wilderness to find food. Then yesterday, because no one can cover my shift, I went in. Let me tell you, it hurt to shower. It hurt to blink. Every part of my body ached. I suppose I could have called out and left the other manager hanging, but I couldn't do that to a friend. I suppose I could have called my boss and just told her she needed to cover my shift because there was no way I could make it in, but once again, I couldn't do that to a friend... and my boss had to deal with me calling out on Sunday.

It wasn't so bad. I'm very thankful for the team I had with me last night. I tried for a few hours to stay on task at work and got some office stuff done, but I had to sit down often and was near tears most of the day. Around 6pm, the boys made me sit in the back because apparently I looked like walking death. I gave one of the guys we're considering for a promotion a key and told him he could come get me if there was a problem. I fell into a light doze for about an hour. I felt guilty as hell at first but when I tried to leave the break-room to help out, they all just protested and said that they could handle things while I rested. Angels, I tell you.

They picked up the store on their own. The projects I gave them were worked on. No customer problems. At the end of my shift I felt like I could really trust these guys and that we made some really good choices hiring for the holiday season.

Today, I'm feeling much better. It doesn't hurt to blink anymore. I'm only mildly achy and I think my fever is gone. The boyfriend brought me benedryl and chocolate Sunday night because I felt crappy. Last night, he bought me a tub of chicken noodle soup from Boston Market because I needed to eat something and that's my favorite soup. I have it really good, I think.

Speaking of good, the Spring color report from Pantone is out (is that the worst segway or what?) and check out how beautiful the choices are! I'm in love with honeysuckle... which is apparently the color of the year. That's funny because I was in love with turquoise which was last year's color of the year.

I started a piece using a color similar to honeysuckle yesterday without thinking. Copper and honeysuckle seem to go really well together.

Hope everyone had a wonderful New Years! Let's get through this week in one piece, k?


  1. I discovered Echinacea tea always speeds up my recovery.

  2. Am so sorry you are so sick. It does a heart, and a body good to know you have such a good support team! You can relax somewhat mentally that way.

    I think I am a little disappointed in the colors this year. they seem muted......