Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Happiness in My Mouth: Macarons

When someone says the word "macaron," images of super sweet coconutty cookies (sometimes, and usually so very preferably, dipped in chocolate), spelled with a double 'o,' come to mind. Yesterday, I got to try the single 'o' variety. HEAVEN. My sister-in-law raved about them when she and my brother went to Seattle so, naturally, when the BF and I saw them in a tiny French bakery, I HAD to try them.

Yummy. Not too sweet. Perfect with a cup of tea (though I ate mine plain). Pistachio is my favorite. Next time, I want to see if they have almond... that's my favorite kind of gelato so it stands to reason that I will LOVE almond macarons.

Side-note: I am absolutely head-over-heels for this ring on Lorena Angulo's blog. Want very badly to commission her to make one for me...

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