Saturday, January 8, 2011

I'm a Wrapper...

I am having such a grand time with my seed beads and copper wire. Copper works so well with so many colors and there are soooo many beautiful seed beads out there!

I'm calling this one Rajkumari Necklace. "Rajkumari" means "princess" in Hindi. I'm really quite in love with that faceted quartz drop.

Semi-precious stones work well as well. Here, I have brecciated jasper, which is red jasper with veins of hematite running through it. Both are protective stones and more specifically, brecciated jasper also is said to help give you a positive outlook on live and ease stress. I thought it matched well with the "om" symbol. I finished the necklace with leather cording and it is claspless (sliding knots are happiness, in my opinion).

I promised in one of my previous posts that I would post a better picture of the earrings I made here. The previous picture was a bit green. Sunlight really is quite magical :) These are Phul Earrings. "Phul" means "flower."

Etsy update sometime today... I know. Shocking. Hahaha. Check the shop sometime tonight.


  1. I like your wire wrapping, especially the first piece!

  2. you're wrapping is beyond gorgeous! So glad I found your blog : )