Monday, January 24, 2011

Etsy Post and Photography Rantage

Updated the shop tonight.
 Feels like it took forever!
 Wanted to give up and just go back to sleep...
 But what would that accomplish?
 I now have a shop with 19 items!
 Even added the sliding knots from the last post.
 Now there's the task of promoting myself...
 I'm not very good at that.
Though I really do enjoy blogging... :)

My day consisted of posting to Etsy. I'd made a resolution to do it once a week. I missed last week because we went to Encinitas. But I'm hoping to do two posts this week to make up for it... today's was the first.

I'm not sure how I feel about the photography of my new works. I used to use scrapbook paper and silk flowers as props but found that it was a bit busy so I went to just a plain white background. It certainly makes color (ha... almost added a "u" to color...) adjusting in Photoshop easier.

What kind of props do you use in your photography?

Happy Monday, all!


  1. I've used all kinds of backgrounds and props. Just recently went back to simple with just a very pale gray background. I'm still not sure if my site looks too washed out. I guess I'll always be experimenting with photography, my least favorite job.

  2. You're right, white does show off jewelry the best. I generally go outside for the natural light and use a concrete bench as my background/surface. Scrapbook paper is a favorite of mine too. I love the yellow earrings and these necklaces, really amazing!
    Enjoy your week!

  3. Love the sliding knots bracelets. I use just a plain mid grey piece of carstock for most of my photos. I sometimes find white to be a bit glarey.

  4. I use rocks =)

    It took me a long time to buy into a lighter, plain background being better but it is true, very true. One suggestion, I think if you can change the direction of your lighting so it is either coming more from the front or the top you will pleased with the effect. I can tell your light is coming from behind and it casts a shadow on the front of your pieces, and they're great pieces but the shadows don't show them off to their best =)

  5. I am floored! I love all of these! I love them all.

    As far as photography - i am going to have to hire someone to do it for me. I can't figure it out for nothing.

    I love your 'props' that you use - i think they really add to the image as opposed to taking away - but i do understand the blank canvas to showcase the jewelry as well.

    so torn.....

  6. Photographing the pieces without props really allows the product to speak for itself. Then again, I've always been a less is more kinda guy. Desert made a good point regarding lighting and how you want to be particular about your source, particularly if you just do the plain background. The last couple of bracelets have a particularly pleasant light to them.

    Could i rock the Tree necklace? Is it masculine enough?