Monday, March 1, 2010

Romance in Brass- Bracelet

Here is the one productive thing I did yesterday on my day off (well, that's not true, but I didn't finish the second project...)- A bracelet to match the Romance in Brass necklace and earring set.

Not a terribly complicated design, but I think its very pretty. The pink and brass combination makes me want to giggle. And I love the little rose bead by the dragonfly. Why? Because it's double sided (if spheres even have sides...). If it twists, there is a rose on the opposite side as well. Very cool.

That big pink bead is a little plain but I love the bubble gum color. And how shiny it is. Ooohh... shiny. Lol.

More peach seed beads and a dragonfly to tie into the necklace.

I hope to have time to finish the other project this week sometime. It features glass pearls and purple fire-polished beads. Yummy.


  1. This is wonderful... a perfect design for Spring! Have a great day!

  2. you named it perfect, it is very romantic!! love it

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