Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Gifts from the Sea

While on my mini-vacation, I made this bracelet! I do not enjoy making wrapped loops... so (just like when I was learning to draw and was avoiding hands) I made a whole lot of wrapped loops! In copper wire, too... mmm... copper... :P

This bracelet features sea glass, shell beads (just one, right next to the big green piece of sea glass), coral (that pink piece by the clasp is carved coral... pretty), freshwater pearl (not really from the sea, but I couldn't think of a better name!), and mother of pearl beads.

I made that hook too. *glee* I usually buy hooks and head pins and things like that. I just bought wire and went to town. And I feel good.

More views!

So, you see that last picture there? The five MOP beads and the FW pearls are strung on a thinner wire than the other beads because I couldn't ream out the beads! Do you think that will be a problem? I wore the bracelet and it feels fine... I am worried though *bites nails.*


  1. This is very creative. I really like the looks of wire wrapping. And I really like the clasp you made it turned out really well :)

  2. Your wire wrapping looks great! I love the copper wire, and that green sea glass bead is awesome!

  3. This is AWESOME!! Your wraps are great, I love the color and randomness of this bracelet! love it!