Sunday, March 28, 2010

Bohemian Wrap-sody: A Trio of Earrings

I've been seeing "messy wraps" everywhere! I just HAD to try them out. The first pair of earrings here are pink jasper. The second pair are rose quartz with metal tear drops with a green patina. And the third pair are quartz... PINEAPPLE quartz (at least that's what the label said at the bead store).

All with copper... mmm... copper.

The rose quartz earring are delicate and cute and possibly my favorite out of the three. And I just love the name pineapple quartz.

More views!

Hopefully, I'll get these into my etsy shop this week. I'm so bad at uploading these things into my shop. Haven't sold a darn thing but it would probably help if I added these in, huh? :P

Side note- I want to learn how to add a patina to metal. Shannon LeVart has some amazing stuff in her etsy shop... I didn't get the metal drops from her but I certainly want to work more of this kind of stuff into my pieces and her stuff makes my fingers tingle with the need to make things.

Hope everyone's ready for the start of a new week! I am! :D

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  1. They're all so cute but I think the rose quartz are my favorites too ^_^ I hope your etsy buisness picks up soon your jewelry is very pretty ^_^