Thursday, March 4, 2010

Adventures with Rod: A Big Adventure

[[WARNING: This post MAY depress you. At the end, anyway...]]
Today started off TERRIBLY, but, it was not wasted. I will let you know at the end why it was so terrible, but first, today's adventure.

Our first stop was Beads Beads, in Orange, CA. They had LOVELY Czech glass beads in a wide variety and at pretty good prices. I picked up some beads I'm wanting to use on this month's Art Bead Scene challenge.

Our next stop was right across the street. Bookman's Used Books is what I call and EPIC used book store. Its HUGE. This is just one of the many rows you can get lost in at Bookman's. You also strain your neck pretty badly trying to look at all the wonderful books!

Lunch was spent in Irvine at the Spectrum. Once again, at Carm's Coneys, I enjoyed a bratwurst and potatoes and coleslaw. Very yummy indeed.

Oh yeah, and washed it down with white iced tea.

Our last stop was at San Clemente Art Supply. Rod wanted to pick up some ink. I was pitching a fit and wanted to go to Westminster but it was too far away and it was already getting late. What is so special about where we live is how beautiful everything is. It was a very beautiful day.

Today's adventure was supposed to be tomorrow's. We were both laid off today. I spent most of the day crying and Rod was wonderful and kept me grounded. I'm angry that my "position has been eliminated." And hurt that I have to leave. I didn't even get the option of stepping down and becoming a bookseller again. It feels as though my world blew up. Even though I hated my job because of the mean customers, I loved the work I got to do. I loved the books. I loved my co-workers and friends. And I needed the money. And still do. Its very depressing and, though I know I will eventually stop being sad and will eventually find another job, right now I can't see it.

But Rod and I are in this together. I have him. He says whatever happens, we have each other. And that's really what I need, I think. Just knowing he and I will still be ok. And thus begins our big adventure...

Hopefully the next blog will be happier! Hahaha.


  1. you ended this with the right outlook - "And thus begins our big adventure" that is some great energy to be putting out there.

  2. I'm sorry to hear that. I'm wishing you lots of luck in your next big adventure!