Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Beady Round Robin

I've been bouncing this idea around in my head for a while now and I think I'd like to start a Beady Round Robin.

I got the idea from an article in Bead Trends and after surfing the bead blogs, I see that some people have done this before! And I think it's a wonderful idea to have something that several people have worked on and given their love to.

I need 3 more people to participate. Seems my blog has been getting a lot of traffic lately but not many comments so depending on how many people comment, I'll either pick people by a random number generator or if there's only 3 comments, well... they're the 3 people! :P


Here's the rundown:

1) 6 people will be participating! Three people have already told me they want to play via my Facebook page so I thought it was only fair that I'd let them in on the first go.

2) We'll be making necklaces! LONG necklaces! ^_^ Each person will make a 5 inch length of necklace and send it off to the next person. Keep in mind that not everyone has the same skill set so please keep it simple. If you're a beadweaver, maybe leave some loops for us stringers and wire workers to attach links to. If you're a stringer, maybe start a necklace on a length of bead wire and stick it on bead stoppers so people can add on to it. Also, if you're gonna use oxidized metals or metals with a patina, remember not all of us will be able to patina or oxidize what we add on to it.

3) Each person will send a little notebook with their creations so we can chronicle our beady journey. Let the person know things like why you chose certain beads or colors. Or maybe if you worked on the piece while on vacation somewhere...

4) I'd like to keep the turn-around for each working to 1 week. I know that some of us are busy and might not be able to fit it into our schedules so that is something to consider.

5) Blogs- Not necessary but would be fun! I'd like to ask you, however, to only reveal a TINY part of  the length YOU'RE working on. Maybe a snapshot of a special bead or a section of wire work. I'd like the person who the necklace is being made for to have a nice surprise and be the one to reveal the whole thing. Do take pictures of what you worked on, however, so you can post about it after everyone has finished their pieces.

So that's it! My Beady Round Robin! If you're interested in participating, please leave a comment with your email address so I can contact you!

I will be picking people on Friday, the 24th! ^_^

I really hope there are people who want to participate! You just never know with these things :P