Thursday, February 2, 2012

A bit of a break

I missed BTW yesterday. But it was for a good reason...

My hands hurt something awful. I think I've been wire wrapping too much. Especially with those little seed beads? Ugh. But I just love they way it looks! O_O Seed beads make me insanely happy. They come in so many colors and sparkle and and and... I just love pouring them out, running my fingers through them, and then pouring them back into their tubes. Repeat... like 5 times. :P

But it's strange. It's my index fingers that hurt the most. I suppose I'm gripping the wire strangely.

Also, I have the most lovely callous on my left index finger.

So. I've been taking a break... a few days. I suspect tomorrow I'll be back at it. Maybe not wire wrapping. Maybe some new bracelets.

I've also been designing beads in my sketchbook. Nothing noteworthy to show you yet but I'm dying to play with polymer clay. If any of you are following me on Pinterest, you'll see that I've been pinning polymer clay tutes (and... bento stuff :P) like mad.

Here are some of my faves so far.

All these use alcohol inks. I bought a set a little while ago and other than painting copper, I want to know what else I can do with these lovely inks.

SIDENOTE: I have another interview tomorrow. This time with the district manager... so that makes 4 interviews total after tomorrow. Still have a chance to mess this up... heh...

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