Sunday, February 12, 2012

Sunday Snippets and Beady Round Robin?

-My camera is currently out of commission. Sigh. It's card was mangled by a card ready with a bent prong. BLAH.

-My hands smell like pennies. I dug around my car for change for coffee. Ah, the joys of being addicted to coffee AND having no job. :P (The cashier ended up giving me my coffee for free. WIN!)

-A really fun job opportunity has presented itself to me this past week. The GM said I was basically hired but it's not "official" yet so I can't spill the beans just yet. Afraid it will all be taken away O_O

-Re-did the blog. Was a bit of a pain but I like it. It needed some love.

AAAAND the beady round robin:

I read an article in Bead Trends about a beading round robin. Essentially, 6 ladies make a six inch piece of bead work (chain, string, seed beads... what have you) and pass that piece along the circle until it comes back to you as a really pretty 36 inch long necklace that has been around the country.

Anyone interested in doing this with me? I'd love to make something for you. And I'd love to have something made by all of you... it's a real community project, I think.

What say you?