Thursday, November 10, 2011

Time for lunch?

Woke up and had a rough conversation with my student loan people. "Loss of job" is a silly reason to want to change the day of your student loan payment, apparently.

SOOO, after breakfast, I dove into finishing up a submission I'm turning in on the 15th... a few hours later, I knew it was time for lunch when this happened:

I remembered to check the knot before closing this cover... but I trimmed the ends BEFORE checking and sooo, I can't make the knot bigger. AAAND... I got mad and growled and my tummy responded with it's own growl and that's when I made myself some quinoa and veggies.

Will redo the bracelet tomorrow. :)

Also made some hairpins. Love? I love. :P

Friday tomorrow! And Veteran's Day! YAY!

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