Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Open House Prep

I'm having an Open House this Sunday. I'm close to freak out mode. It's nice to be close to freak out mode sometimes. I get a lot done... now when I actually hit freak out mode, that's when everything falls apart and I just cry and cry and cry. It's annoying being a weeper sometimes but I can't help it.

ANYWAY, I think I'm almost set with the jewelry and I just need to focus on the displays. I've never done this before and so I'm spending an awful amount of time looking at DIY displays. And Pinterest is the perfect place to put my lovely finds.

This awesome ring box was made using a cigar box and an old sweater. How cute is it? I don't have any rings to display but maybe some stud earrings?? Instructions here.

Beth Millner used some copper pipe fittings to make this display. Is it a coincidence that I featured Beth's owls in yesterday's Monday Muses? And then I found this display randomly on the internet??? Hmm... I'll have to make it! Check out her blurb on it here.

Bracelet display! I have a ton of bracelets to show. Love what they did here.

Ok. Back to creating. Happy Tuesday, everyone!!!

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