Wednesday, December 7, 2011

BTW: Ugh...

I know, I've been gone a while. Had my open house last week. And decided to take a little break after that. I will blog more about it later. For now... the aftermath:

My desk is a mess. A huge mess. And because I wanted to just take pictures and fill up the shop with all the jewelry I've amassed, I just shoved it all aside for that tile I use as my background in pictures. That's what's on my bead table today. Lol. Maybe next week I'll have something more worthwhile to show.

At least the shop is filling up nicely.

There's a coupon code for all you lovely people out there. 20% off with coupon code DEC2011. I will continue to add lovelies to the shop. Now's the time to grab what you want for that special someone!

Half way to the weekend, everyone. Aren't you excited???

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