Sunday, June 12, 2011

Just Make It Stop

 I'm tired of being stressed out so much.

 Two of my friends transferred out of my store because it was on a list of possible stores closing/going into liquidation this week. We find out this week if it's going to happen.

 They talked me into not quitting a few months back. You can imagine how I feel right now.

 An ache in my chest, really. Love these ladies. And I'm feeling abandoned.

  I know they did this for themselves and that it was a good move for them so part of me is happy. Most of me is happy.

 But that small part that is hurting... well... it hurts.

 I'm a drama queen. It's not like we were going to drive off a cliff together. I understand. Really.

I can't move back in with my parents. All this jewelry and art making would end. Not to mention my boyfriend of 3 years wouldn't be able to go with me. My friends... sigh...

Can I live off of my jewelry?

1 comment:

  1. The jewelry in this post is just beautiful. Hoping your store doesn't close, but if it does, you're very talented in jewelry making and art. I wish you success!