Saturday, May 15, 2010

And now, back to the BUTTONS

LOOK! I found the cord to my camera!

So that means my break is over. It started out as me thinking I needed to just RELAX. Just breathe and enjoy my life. And then I had things to post and couldn't find my cord! BOO!

Oh well. There's a post now, right? :D

BUTTONS still make me happy. I find myself staring at clothes, wanting just the buttons. My boyfriend wonders when I will start "cannibalizing" my clothes for their precious buttons. Well, let me tell you what, Mr. Hillen- I have no intention of taking buttons off of my clothes... your clothes, however, are free game! MWAHAHAHA!!!

Hope everyone is having a lovely weekend! Links on MONDAY!!!


  1. Cute as...Rose. Love them all but especially the top right one.

  2. Love what your doing with buttons! Thanks for coming to see my blog:)

  3. I love your bracelet with the magic flower button (top right) you are really very talented.
    p.s. my future clothes will all have zippers.

  4. These are brilliant!!! I LOVE the way you made the clasp hook in to the button!! GENIUS!!