Sunday, May 30, 2010

Carried Away in My Obsession?

Thursday night: pizza for dinner, dreaming about owning pets again, and talking about the button sale at JoAnns.

ROD: "Ok. I'll let you name one of our pets Buttons."
ME: "Can it be the German Shepard?"
ROD: "... I don't think he'll let you call him that..."

The boyfriend is probably right. No respectable German Shepard will let me call him Buttons. The pizza was yummy... and what did I walk away with from the sale that started on Friday?


I'll be honest, I put back more than half of what I originally dropped into my basket. But it's still quite a few buttons, no?

But... I've already put them to good use with those pretty earrings...

And this bracelet!

I feel lazy summer days creeping up on me. Hopefully, its just a phase!

Links tomorrow! Hope everyone is having a wonderful Memorial Day weekend!


  1. YAY! Buttons! :) All of them are so pretty! I love the way you use them in your jewelry. Very pretty ^_^ I think you pretty well stocked up on buttons lol. Maybe if the german shepard is a girl it would let you call it buttons lol. To be honest it sounds like a name for a cat though lol. A supper cute cat lol. I'm more of a dog person too though :0). Have fun with your buttons! Make sure to post pictures of what you make. ^_^

  2. Dont' you just love buttons!!!! i love you choices can't wait to see more of what you do with them. the clasp is genius btw.. love it.
    you can name a german shepard buttons - i had a cat named dog - and a dog named kitty - just do it!!!