Monday, April 5, 2010

Its a Keeper

It's been a while since I made jewelry specifically for me. I noticed that I don't wear a lot of what I've made because I want to try and sell those pieces (and someone told me that worn jewelry is harder to sell... plus I don't want anything to happen to the piece while I'm wearing it). But, for people to see what kind of stuff I make or to be able to say "Oh thanks! I made it, here's a business card," I have to actually be wearing something I made (and also have business cards, but hey, one problem at a time, ok?).

The earrings are made of copper wire, dark copper chain, Cryztazzi crystals, fire polished glass beads, and glass pearls. The bracelet has seed beads, Czech flower and fire polished beads, purple glass beads, and glass pearls. The copper toggle is a gift from my wonderful friend, Liz. Thanks, Liz! I looooove it! :D

Detail of the bracelet!


  1. Love those earrings - what a fun design!

  2. I really love those earrings! So so cute ^_^ I never wear the jewelry that I make either, and the people that know I make jewelry are always stopping me to see what jewelry I have on and I never have any on lol. (You also reminded me I need to make new buisness cards ^_^)