Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Rainy Day Beading

It has been STORMING here in southern California. I'm sure other parts of the United States are used to this kind of weather, but a "tornado warning" for Orange County? Really?

Personally, I love the rain. It's calming. And I felt ready to tackle a project that had been growing in my head for a little while. Not a complicated one, but a project nonetheless.

I can't reveal what is going to happen to this bracelet/earring pair just yet... because I have no idea who is going to be reading my blog. And I'd like to keep it as a little bit of a surprise, but I did want to share this design with whoever does happen to read my blog.

This bracelet was made using memory wire and five-holed spacers. The seed beads are from a bead soup I mixed up with purples, blues, white with a slight gold finish, and a touch of hot pink and brown. Four little metal dragonflies are worked into this bracelet. The dark blue beads are glass and look like stone. The purple beads are glass crackle beads. There are also lavender glass pearls and lavender fire polished glass beads. Its really very spring-like in my opinion.

I finished the ends with more spacers and chain on two of the three pieces of memory wire. Without the chain, the bracelet felt un-secure when I tried it on (is that a word? Un-secure?). On the middle piece of memory wire, purple Crystazzi crystal beads dangle and add just a touch more sparkle. Not really in a noticeable place but something that is waiting to be found.

Not one to waste, I used some of the scrap wire from the Crystazzi dangle beads to start a pair of earrings to match the bracelet. More seed beads and metal dragonflies. A touch of lavender fire polished beads. And a bit more Crystazzi sparkle.

Purples and silver really are my favorite colors to bead with right now. Hopefully, I can branch off and do something a bit different for next time.

Happy beading, all!

Note: I feel compelled to tell you that I watch the Lord of the Rings trilogy while I make things... drawing, painting, bookbinding, beading... all things made by me are made with Lord of the Rings playing in the background. Movie, movie with commentary, or special features. While making these, I was listening to the cast commentary of "The Return of the King." And Billy Boyd, who plays Pippin, has a fantastic Scottish accent. Well, while writing this, and even while I'm writing this little note, the words are being said in my head in his voice. Isn't that odd? It makes me giggle.


  1. I love your term 'bead soup'
    I am drawn to random and really like the bracelet. I understand what you mean about the unsecure and the chain is a nice touch. it finishes out the design very well. these are beautiful!!!

  2. The bracelet & earrings are so pretty! I love the colors and the way you finished it with the spacers & chain. I'm enjoying your blog!

  3. Hi there, just catching how you used the memory wire (One of my fave materials)!