Thursday, May 31, 2012

Challenge of Literature Blog Hop Reveal!

Erin Prais-Hintz, the lovely lady behind this blog challenge says, "Reading can transport you to a million different places and that is what this challenge is all about."

When I signed up for this challenge, I was nearing the end of the Inheritance Cycle by Christopher Paolini. I don't know if this series has replaced my previous favorite book but the characters are wonderful. Especially Saphira, the dragon. (Side note: If you get the chance, this series is FANTASTIC in audio.)

Saphira, on the cover of the first book, Eragon
One of my favorite parts of the series is when Saphira loses a scale. The following excerpt is from the fourth book in the series, Inheritance.

"You're fine," said Eragon, exasperated. “Stop worrying. There’s nothing you can do about it anyway.” 
     Saphira growled and continued to study her image in the lake. She turned her head from side to side, then exhaled heavily, releasing a cloud of smoke that drifted out
over the water like a small, lost thundercloud.
     Are you sure? she asked, and looked toward him. What if it doesn’t grow back?
     “Dragons grow new scales all the time. You know that.”
     Yes, but I’ve never lost one before!
     He did not bother to hide his smile; he knew she would sense his amusement. “You shouldn’t be so upset. It wasn’t very big.” Reaching out, he traced the diamond-shaped hole on the left side of her snout, where the object of her consternation had so recently been ensconced. The gap in her sparkling armor was no larger than the end of his thumb and about an inch deep. At the bottom of it, her leathery blue hide was visible.
     Curious, he touched her skin with the tip of his index finger. It felt warm and smooth, like the belly of a calf. Saphira snorted and pulled her head away from him. Stop that; it tickles.

I'm not sure what Eragon did with the dragon scale, but I started thinking that the jeweled scales from Christopher Paolini's dragons would probably make beautiful jewelry.


I took some glittery scrapbook cardstock and punched out two dragonscales. Take some copper wire and wire wrap some yellow crystals. Take even more copper wire and make some jump rings. Now, I bought some sequins and I'm pretending they're baby dragon scales. Attach them together with those jump rings you made aaaand...

Pretty earrings. They sparkle like you would not believe. I wore them on Wednesday and they're super light because I used sequins instead of glass beads. And they're deliciously long, but that could be because I have a short neck :P

I imagine my dragon would have been teal. I would have named her Chaiti, the Hindi word for "teal."

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  1. Love those earrings! I love the different materials you used to create them (would never have thought to use sequins). Awesome!!!

  2. WOWZERS, these are just perfect for dragon themed earrings! You used such creative supplies! Love it! Sounds like an interesting FUN book!

  3. This book sound fabulous. My daughter would love it. I like that your piece was inspired by one event in the book. Your earrings are gorgeous, especiall with those sequins!

  4. My son and I loved the movie adaptation of this book! And I think we'll be reading the series soon! Anyway - I want you to know that I GASPED IN DELIGHT when I scrolled down to your reveal. Just spectacular! LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it!!!!

  5. A new thought for me - that when a dragon loses a scale, it can be a catastrophe, and something that humans relate to! And then your earrings just jumped off the screen! Spectacular work and colors, and your skills are impressive! Glad I discovered you!

  6. I read the first book and absolutely loved it. You have inspired me to pick up the rest in audio. And your dragon scale...absolutely inspired!

  7. Hi Rose,
    Love your earrings inspired by Christopher Paolini's books(which I have not read). The earrings are gorgeous and do look like what I would believe dragon scales would look like and I bet they catch the light and sparkle delightfully.

  8. Very pretty earrings Rose and I just love the thought process you went through to bring the picture in your minds eye to life. I love that this gene of literature can evoke so many different interpretations in people. Well done.

  9. WOWWWWW! Those earrings are fantastic! Love them!

  10. I have never read this book and you have piqued my interest! I think I might even have the first one on the shelf somewhere bought for a son that never read it. I think this is marvelous! You made that from cardstock?! Wow! Those would be so light and dangly. I am into long as well. Thank you for sharing the how to pictures and the beauty of this printed word with us, Miss Rose! I am so glad you joined me on this literary journey!
    Enjoy the day.

  11. How uniquely lovely - really captures the dragon!

  12. I'm not sure if I'm more impressed with your earrings or your drawing :) Loving both. Wonderful job!

  13. gah! You are so talented! I love the earrings, they are gorgeous! And the drawing is just beautiful! I've been pondering reading those books for ages, I think I may just have to now! :)

  14. I just love these earrings, you've captured the dragon scales a stunningly beautiful design. You've also made me want to check out these thank you.

  15. Very neat idea to make scales from sequins and sparkly paper, looks like you has fun!

  16. I JUST finished reading Inheritance and was also amused with Saphira and her lost scale. Your earrings are PERFECT dragon scales, exactly what I would have imagined her scales looking like! What a fantastic literary reflection. Well, done!!

  17. Your dragon sketches are charming! I love her name, what her name would be. The earrings are VERY evocative of scales. Nice job!

  18. What a beautiful job with very unique elements. Super!!!

  19. What a fun pair of earrings - they do look like sparkly dragon scales! Teal is one of my favorite color palettes. Great job!

  20. love it when you can get all that bang without the weight, fantastic! I started picturing them as your hindi dragon and all i could think was then they need that bit of chain (I'm sorry I have no idea what it is called) to go from the earring to the nosering :)

  21. Oh I love them Rose! So pretty, what a fantastic idea you got from the books (I have the final one of the series sitting in my ever-expanding book pile right now). I hope you and Chaiti enjoyed the blog hop!

  22. I love big dangly earrings and those are just gorgeous. That series is one of my favorites (I love dragons). Thank you for sharing!

  23. Wow, those are really gorgeous earrings and so ingenious to use the cardstock that way! I don't know the series, but my son read some of the books. What a fantastic interpretation!

  24. Rose- I love your earrings! Pretty & sparkly and representative of the book. I love the cardstock and your amazing wirework. I love wire and felt like I found myself when I discovered what I could do with it.
    I wanted you to know that my sister took part in this challenge, too. She's Beth Emery.
    We have recently started adding fabric, leather and cord to our projects, too.

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