Sunday, April 8, 2012

Thank you, Mr. Mailman

The mailman brought me my latest orders on Saturday. How happy was I to see these?

Going to be making some lovely hairpins. I got some paper flowers on sale at Michaels last week. So, not only will these lovely flower cabs make an appearance on these lovely pins, but I'll also have some paper flower pins. Yay.

Now, these LOOK like cabs, but they have tiny holes at the top and bottom. I have a special project in mind inspired by a pair of high fashion earrings. I'll do a lovely post on them when I finally have time to make them. These cabs and hairpins come from oh what fun, over on Etsy.

And LOOK! I finally got to order my silk sari ribbon. LaShell, over at designtalentedone, took my custom variety pack and rolled ribbon order and added two little bundles of coral and black. I'm loving the feel. Rubbing the ribbon on my fingers.

Hope everyone is having a fantastic Easter weekend. Follow me on Instagram! I need more people to follow too :)

1 comment:

  1. Beautiful I'm looking forward to seeing what all you make with your lovelies.
    Happy Easter