Thursday, April 12, 2012

Crocheted Bracelet and Instagram Rant

I love embroidery floss. It comes in SO MANY colors. And isn't so expensive it breaks the bank. I've been teaching myself to crochet off and on for a few months now and wanted to try my hand at making a bracelet.

I decided to do a multi-color bracelet. I chose three colors I thought went well together and gathered them up losely.

I did a long chain with the thread. I love how random it looks.

I ran into some trouble with the double crochet stitch. The hook didn't want to hold the floss sometimes. I'm thinking a slightly larger hook would be better. I'm using a 3.25 hook here.

The finished bracelet. I'm wearing it now and it's super comfy. It needs some tweaking in the design, I think. Like maybe a better button for the clasp. I'm thinking of adding glass beads. Right now, it looks a bit juvenille and that's not what I want. Oh sure, girly is ok but I wanted something a bit more... hip, I guess. Lol.

I've been spending a lot of time making bracelets. I want to try and make more necklaces but just can't seem to "get it." :-\

On a side note, I'm loving Instagram. I love that I can instantly upload my photos of projects (of anything really), and get feedback. I love looking at everyone else's works, too. AND I just die when I see all the cute puppies.

I know all the iPhone users are upset that it's come to Android and I suppose understand. I, myself, have a 7 year old Mac Powerbook which I love to death and prefer above all others but don't hate on other computers. I think it's funny there's a hashtag for all the Android hate/iPhone love and they're blaming the slowness of the program on the fact that Android users have access to the app now (oh, and they're blaming the Facebook buyout too). I haven't had a problem with my HTC. Instagram works great on my phone... maybe it's the iPhone... or their phone provider :P

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