Wednesday, March 7, 2012

BTW: Bracelet Frames

[[[ If you're looking for the Bead Soup blog post, it's HERE. :) ]]]

Happy Bead Table Wednesday! Lets take a look at my desk...

I'm making bracelet frames. I LOVE this bracelet so much I wanted to make more to sell. I wear mine day and night. I only take it off to shower... Very comfy.

 There's my anvil. And yes, that hammer is tiny. The idea was it wouldn't hurt as much if I struck my finger with it... Yeah. Not so much. Also, it was like $5 or something like that. Oh, and I don't have a pad thingy for my anvil. I WAS using my planner but I figured out that if I kept it at home under my anvil, I never used it. :P The book works pretty well for muffling the sound of my little hammer.

Here are some of the frames. They then become...

This! Zebra jasper the tag said. But when I looked up the stone online, zebra jasper was black and white... this looks more like "landscape jasper." But I'm going to trust my bead tag until someone else tells me it's wrong. Then, this becomes...

This! And it's even listed in the shop! I'm all kinds of productive today.

I want to make a bunch of these in different colors. Here's where I bought this silk. I've had it FOREVER. Last night, I almost bought a bunch of silk but stopped myself. I think I'll make the frames first AND THEN buy the colored silk to match. See! Then I know I'll use the ribbon. :)

What's on YOUR bead table today?