Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Inspired by Mucha

Last week, the boyfriend and I spent the day at the Laguna Beach library. I go through spells of uninspiration and I need to spend the day sketching and doodling so we took root at a large table and I went through piles and piles of books looking for inspiration.

I've always loved Alphonse Mucha. One of my classmates at LCAD used Mucha as their inspiration for our character design class. The second I got my hands on their books, I fell in love. Such beautiful flowy lines. Lovely colors and design. In. Love. So last week, I sat with a book on Art Nouveau (and maybe 1, 2... 10 others :P) and doodled away.

Sunday night, I took one of my doodles and set to work. Oh, copper wire, you are such a blessing when I make loops and curls.

I added a lucite lily because there are a lot of pretty flowers in the Art Nouveau pieces I looked at.

Also... I have a lot of lucite lilies :P

These earrings are up in the shop now. And I love them so much, I made myself a pair as well :P

SIDENOTE!: There are still a few destash mags in my shop! I'll probably go through another magazine purge in a week or so. It's hard for me to part with my wire working and stringing magazines :-\


  1. Gorgeous earrings and a great idea for inspiration Rose.

  2. Lovely, you make the most delicate earrings with your seedbead wirework.