Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Printer Tray Tuesday: Wood and Glass Pearls

I have a printer's tray at home full of beads from my stash waiting to be turned into wonderful pieces. And thus, I have dubbed Tuesday to be "Printer Tray Tuesday."

Compartment number 3!
-wooden barrel beads
-glass pearls
-brass focal and beads
-brass leaf
-gold tone flower
-2 Czech glass flowers
-seed beads

I worked on this compartment last week on a rainy Wednesday. I've had those glass pearls and wooden beads forever. I made up a sketch a necklace design similar to this one last year using the barrel beads and GREEN glass pearls. So that explains why I have the wooden beads but not why I have the mocha beads instead of green.

I added some wood rounds from my bead box of wood beads. I knew I wanted to do a little layering with the focal (see the gold flower?). And I knew I wanted the necklace to be long and claspless... but I'm not sure how the balance of shapes works. Sometimes, I feel like the beads are too big for the focal I've chosen. Sometimes, I'm perfectly fine with how it looks and think it's just adorable.

I do love the colors though and want to work more with this pallet.

So. It's 10:55pm on my end here. Just barely made it in time to post this. Lol. Hope everyone is having a fantastic week!


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