Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Printer Tray Tuesday: Pineapple Quartz

I have a printer's tray at home full of beads from my stash waiting to be turned into wonderful pieces. And thus, I have dubbed Tuesday to be "Printer Tray Tuesday."

Compartment number 2!:
-lucite flowers (man, I love those flowers, don't I?)
-pineapple quartz
-carved bone rounds
-1 button

I got the pineapple quartz from this awesome bead store in the Fashion District in LA last year. Aaaand the strand sat in my bead stash since that awesome day. I know. Horrible.

I dug around the beads that didn't make it into one of the 23 compartments of the printer's tray and added some amber glass rounds to the mix. The bracelet is strung on red waxed linen thread, which I am loving right now.

The colors clash with this lovely rainy day I'm experiencing today, but that's ok. My muse seems to still be stuck in summer mode which is fine with me... as long as she keeps me creating, I'm a happy camper.

Today is a rainy rainy day. The boyfriend and I are at Starbucks enjoying some coffee. I love fall.

Happy Tuesday, everyone! <3

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