Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Honeydew Love

No Printer Tray Tuesday today. I got distracted with other projects yesterday and absolutely forgot that today was Tuesday (has that ever happened to you??).

Remember last week's Monday Muses? It featured some lovely pieces in honeydew green.

Well. I found some seed beads in my stash in that color!

And of course I found some memory wire as well... an unopened pack that was just SCREAMING out that I needed to use it.

SeƱor Elephante here is super shiny. And also loves the color honeydew... or did he say he likes eating honeydew? I can't remember.

I also made these earrings (decidedly NOT honeydew, but still pretty). HUGE hoops wire wrapped with dark teal seed beads with lovely crystal dangles in the same shade.

These have inspired me to try my hand at making bangles!... which I admit, I've thought of before but somehow, I never tried.

Printer Tray Tuesday will be back next week! Back to the beading table I go!


  1. I like the bracelet...cute with the elephant hanging at the end...also the earrings...a little too big but nice and different.Rembrandt Charms