Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Getting Back Into It

Slowly but surely, I'm developing a routine.

Well... not today. I forgot to set my alarm and slept far too long to be appropriate to mention on my blog :P

I'm a bit depressed. The boyfriend says I am grieving the loss of my Borders. He's probably right. He usually is. Yesterday, we spent the morning at Starbucks, drinking yummy coffee and making things.

To be honest I only made one pair of earrings. I spent most of the morning browsing the interwebs for some inspiration.

I'm not sure what made me pair those green crystals with the yummy orange lucite flowers. It seems my muse isvloving summery colors. Someone needs to tell her it's almost fall.

Distracted by "The King and I." I love musicals like this. Lol. Happy, Wednesday!


  1. So pretty! Keep your chin up. It's hard to lose your job, but it has to be doubly-hard to have to close down your place of employment too.

  2. Such pretty earrings! Love them!